Other ways to make a gift

All donations made to Homme Home Foundation are tax-deductible to the full extent possible. For specific tax questions please contact your tax advisor or attorney. For more information contact:

Homme Home Foundation
604 S. Webb St., Wittenberg, WI 54499

The Principals of an Endowment Fund are simple: Gifts and bequests received can be pooled to enhance the earning power of the gifts. The overall policy of the Endowment Fund is to preserve the capital of the original gift and utilize Endowment Fund earnings for support of Benevolence or other programs. As an estate planning tool, gifts and bequests to the Homme Foundation Endowment Fund can result in substantial reductions in income tax and estate tax liabilities, which further enhances the lasting impact on both the donor and Homme’s ministry. Through a planned gift you can create a lasting legacy and secure the financial future for yourself and your heirs.

Most individuals have created a Will, which spells out the wishes of the individual with regard to the disposal of assets upon his/her death. This type of responsible trusteeship allows an individual to assure that his or her commitment to the ministry of Homme can be acknowledged and continue into the future.

Charitable Annuities And Trusts are planned gifts, which allow the donor to assure life income as needed, yet recognize his/her commitment to Homme’s ministry. Charitable annuities and trust options offer many opportunities for estate planning purposes and may be established to meet multiple needs of the individual and the anticipated beneficiary.

A significant impact can be achieved through the use of various life insurance policies which can be acquired and which name as beneficiary the Homme Home Foundation. Through this vehicle, the donor can still designate the usage and focus of the gift, while assuring that their support of the Homme ministry is ongoing.

Gifts of Appreciated Stock can offer major tax advantages to the donor and create many giving options.

Homme Home Foundation welcomes the opportunity to talk to you about gifts of real estate. To set up an appointment please call the Foundation office toll-free at 888-215-5036.

Gifts in memory/honor of a love one are always welcome and can be made by check, money order, electronic transfer or any other planned giving options.

Donors can increase the giving power of their gifts by taking advantage of matching gift programs offered through Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and other fraternal organizations of which they are members. Employers as well as some insurance companies will also match gifts made by their employees or members to charitable institutions. For more information you can directly contact your employer, groups you are a member of or call Homme Home Foundation for more information.

Whether your gift is a bushel of pickles for use by our dietary department or a donation for Alpha House Resale Shop, no gift is ever too large or small.  We welcome the opportunity to talk to you. Please call Homme Home Foundation with your creative ideas. Gifts in Kind are tax-deductible and a receipt will be given for the stated value of the gift.

Why Be a Part of Homme’s Mission?

  • To put faith into action
  • To honor or memorialize a loved one
  • In recognition of a need
  • To do the right thing
  • For a valuable tax deduction
  • To recognize a valued employee
  • To ensure the Homme ministry lives on, a ministry that has played an important role in your own life or the life of a loved one
  • To enhance and encourage family and friend involvement